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PC Example Thread - Looking for Portal 2 Co-op gaming buddy!


Apricot Farmer
Staff member
First of all you must pick a platform next to your thread title.
If you have all platforms, pick "All"
If you have more than one but not all of them, pick ONE.

Hey if you have Portal 2 on steam, let's play some co op!
If you don't have Portal 2, but you have steam, and your computer is fast enough to run Portal 2 (it probably is), let me know or watch out for giveaways in the giveaway section of this forum!

PM me or reply to this thread if you want to play co op games!

Also I added some pokemon emojis, use them by clicking the little smiley in the tool bar where you pick the font size and color up there!!
They're in the section labeled Bouncy Pokemon



Apricot Farmer
Staff member
Also remember to tag your thread, this makes it easier to find.

You can add tags to your thread at any time by clicking the pencil icon under the thread title. tags can have spaces in them!